A conversation with Chris Funk & Rachael Price

Rachael Price shares a singing breakthrough she made with her vocal coach and talks about the importance of vocal care.


Instructor: Rachael Price is an Australian-born American jazz and blues singer. She is the lead singer for the band Lake Street Dive and also performs as one half of Rachael and Vilray. Rachel grew up in Tennessee and attended New England Conservatory of Music. 2021 was Rachael’s fourth year performing at Newport Folk Festival.

Subject: Students will learn about singing techniques, tricks, and insight.

Age/Skill-Level Recommendation: Intended for beginner to advanced level music students, ages 14 and up. A basic understanding of singing is required.

Topics Discussed: Singing, Vocal care, Performance.

Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used to engage beginner to intermediate level students in singing, warming up, and taking care of their voices.

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