Newport Festivals
Musician Relief Funds

Providing financial relief to musicians in need.

Artists are at the core of the Newport Festivals community. Their performances fill us with hope, bring us together in celebration and support us during the good times and the bad. Now it’s our turn to give back. The Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund was established in March 2020 to support musicians impacted by COVID. Since then, we have supported over 520 musicians. Although the pandemic is not as severe as it once was, most musicians are finding touring and making a living to be extremely challenging – therefore we remain as committed as ever to keeping our relief fund active.

Rainey Day Partnership

In November of 2021, NFF partnered with Rainey Day Fund to support marginalized voices in Roots and Country Music. To launch the partnership, the Rainey Day family made a donation of $45,220 to our fund. All donated funds from Rainey Day will be used to support BIPOC, LGBTQ, and disabled musicians and content creators.


Click here to make a donation to support the fund 

Musicians can apply for one of the following grants:


Support artists embarking on artistic projects that help advance social causes and improve the world around us.


Supports BIPOC, LGBTQ and disabled roots musicians. Amounts vary. To learn more, click here.



Supports BIPOC, LGBTQ and disabled media creators (journalists, podcasters, photographers, etc). Amounts vary. To learn more, click here.


Your donation to Newport Festivals Foundation will help ensure the future of our festivals and support musicians and music education programs across the country.