Newport Festivals Music Lab

Creating the next generation of musicians

The Newport Festivals Music Lab is a music education partnership between Newport Festivals Foundation and the MET East Bay High School

Students are given the rare opportunity to work directly with festival artists throughout the school year to learn what it takes to be a musician in today’s ever-evolving music industry. Students learn the basics of music theory, form their own bands, and write their own songs. The program culminates with each student performing live on stage at the Newport Folk Festival.

The Music Lab program is not currently available to the general public.

Funding for this initiative was generously provided by 11th Hour Racing


Music Lab Instructors

Chase Ceglie

Chase is a Rhode Island-based musician, pop recording artist, and award-winning saxophone player. With a sound that blends catchy melodies, pop and jazz harmonies, and soulful saxophone playing, Chase has built a dedicated fanbase as a writer, producer, performer, and educator.

Chris Vaillancourt

Chris is one of the most in-demand guitar players and educators in Rhode Island. He performs regularly with North End Entertainment, the Soul City Band and the Dope Things.

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