A conversation with Chris Funk & Chris Thile

Chris Thile speaks to his approach in playing mandolin, exercises in possibility, and the importance of practice.


Instructor: Chris Thile is an American mandolinist, singer, songwriter, composer, and radio personality, best known for his work in the progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek and the acoustic folk and progressive bluegrass quintet Punch Brothers. Chris has performed at Newport Folk Festival several times, first with Punch Brothers in 2010 and most recently solo in 2021.

Subject: Students will learn about physical technique in playing mandolin.

Age/Skill-Level Recommendation: Intended for advanced level music students, ages 18 and up. An understanding of string instruments and technique is advised.

Topics Discussed: Mandolin, Musicality, Instrumentation, Technique, Imagination.

We recommend this video be used to engage advanced level students with playing string instruments, particularly mandolin, with greater imagination incorporated into their technique.

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