Valerie June

Valerie June gives a brief overview of the history and sounds of the banjo.


Instructor: Valerie June is a grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist specializing in folk, blues, Appalachian and bluegrass music. She has five albums under her name, and is the author of three books, her latest entitled Light Beams. She is a Turnaround artist working with students for the President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities and continues serving through the Kennedy Center. Valerie June has performed at the Newport Folk Festival multiple times; she  presented an interactive workshop for children on the history and function of the banjo at the 2023 Newport Folk Festival. 


Subject: Students will gain a basic understanding of the banjo’s function and sound in a musical setting. Students will learn about the difference between guitar and banjo. Students will get a brief historical overview of the banjo. 


Age/ Skill Level Recommended: Appropriate for all ages. Highly recommended for k-6 grade music students. 


Topics Discussed: The banjo(s), the guitar. 


Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used to engage students on fun ways to explore the different sounds and functions of the banjo, while gaining some historical insight on the banjo. 

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