Shabaka Hutchings

Shabaka Hutchings discusses the importance of honing your craft as a musician and navigating the music industry.


Instructor: Shabaka Hucthings is a multi-reed instrumentalist playing flute/ indigenous flutes, clarinet, and tenor saxophone. He has a publication entitled “Letters to a Young Musician” that focuses on how an aspiring young artist can enjoy the process of practice and honing their craft. Shabaka plays with a variety of bands, most notably Sons of Kemet and Shabaka and the Ancestors. His music embraces many of the sounds from London’s diverse club culture including house, grime, jungle, and dub. He is quoted saying, “I think where I’ve come to recently is I’ve stopped trying to think ‘Is what I’m doing valid? or ‘Is what I’m doing part of the jazz tradition?’ and just see myself as a musician.” Shabaka Hutchings played at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2022. 


Subject: Students will learn how to effectively hone their craft/ artistry through practicing, managing their career, and exploring other music through different cultures. 


Age/ Skill Level Recommendation: Intended for intermediate to advance music stduents. Ages 12 and up. 


Topics discussed: How to practice, artist management, musical exploration. 

Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used engaging students on how to approach practicing their instrument(s) and music, navigating their career as an artist, and music exploration/ experimentation.  

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