Phil Cook & Chris Funk

Phil Cook talks about the importance of networking and establishing partnerships within the music industry.

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Instructor: Phil Cook is an American guitarist, pianist and vocalist. He is the founder of  Spiritual Helpline, a record label in Durham, North Carolina that promotes gospel artists.  Phil is described as a captor of music, drawing from many different influences which include Bill Evans, Keith Jarett, Bill Frisell and John Leisz. He is part of the band, Megafaun. The band’s sound is described as Full-bore conrète music, harsh noise salvos, and wild free-jazz interventions. Phil has performed at the Newport Folk Festival multiple times.

Subject: Students will learn about maximizing connections and networks made in the music industry, honing their passions as an artist, and the roots of Americana music.

Age/Skill-Level Recommendation: Intended for beginners to advance music students. Ages 14 and up.

Topics Discussed: Roots of Americana, Gospel music, starting a record label, artist support.

Recommended Use: We recommend this video to be used engaging students on how to navigate the music industry from a business perspective, explore the roots of Americana, and the importance of building and maintaining relationships within the music industry.


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