Maria Schneider & Christian McBride – “Finding Your Burn”

Maria Schneider sits down with Christian McBride backstage at Newport Jazz Festival 2022.


Instructor: Maria Schneider is a multi-grammy award winning composer and arranger. She has written and arranged for many large ensembles, including her own 18-piece jazz collective and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Her work has been described as beyond categorization. She has worked with over 90 groups in over 30 countries. Maria was the recipient of the NEA Jazz Masters award in 2019, the nation’s highest honor in jazz. The Maria Schneider Orchestra has performed at the Newport Jazz Festival several times with the most recent one being 2022. 

Christian McBride is the Artistic Director of the Newport Jazz Festival.

Subject: Students will gain insight on how to navigate the music industry as an artist. Students will learn approaches to practicing and honing their skills/ musical voice as a composer, and musician. 

Age/ Skill Level Recommendation: Intended for intermediate to advanced level students. Ages 16 and up. 

Topics Discussed: Song writing, music industry, pursuing a career in music, Gil Evans, Bob Brookmyer. 

Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used engaging students on the ins and outs of sustaining a music career. Students will get tips on how to approach composition and arranging.

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