Joe Russo and Jay Sweet – “Building A Community In Music”

Joe Russo and Jay Sweet discuss the benefits of diversifying your craft as a musician and how to build a community in music.

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Instructor: Joe Russo is an american drummer who has toured, performed and recorded with a magnitude of bands. His ability to perform many different styles of music has gained him wide recognition in the music industry as a masterful drummer. His own Grateful Dead-inspired project, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, performed at the 2023 Newport Jazz Festival.

Jay Sweet is the Executive Producer for Newport Festivals Foundation.

Subject: Students will learn about the importance of finding a community in correlation to their craft/ music, diversifying their craft, and enjoying the process.

Age/Skill-Level Recommendation: Intended for beginners to advanced-level music students. Ages 14 and up.

Topics Discussed: Learning different styles of music, the process of practicing, and forming community.

Recommended Use: We recommend this video to be used to engage students on how to diversify their playing, build their skill set, and conceptualize their practicing.

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