A conversation with Chris Funk & Celisse

Celisse discusses her journey as a musician, from classical training to performing on Broadway, all the way to becoming an electric guitarist and performing her own music.


Instructor: Celisse is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer and spoken word artist. She has acted on television as well as in musical theatre spaces such as the recent revival of Godspell at Circle in the Square Theater. Celisse plays guitar, violin, piano, ukulele, bass, drums, as well as varieties of percussion and brass. Celisse performed at Newport Folk Festival in 2021.

Subject: Students will learn about how formal music training can be applied to many settings and learning new instruments might broaden one’s opportunities beyond expectations.

Age/Skill-Level Recommendation: Intended for beginner to intermediate level students. ages 14 and up.

Topics Discussed: Music training, Learning instruments, Electric guitar, Singing, Writing, Performance.

Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used to engage beginner to intermediate level students with an interest in learning new instruments, writing and performing, and exploring different roles within music.

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