Blake Mills & Pino Palladino – “Session Work”

Blake Mills and Pino Palladino join Jay Sweet backstage at Newport Jazz 2022 to discuss the ins and outs of session work.


Instructors: Blake Mills is a guitarist, composer, producer, and solo artist. He has performed and collaborated with many artists including Beck, Fiona Apple, Dixie Chicks, Norah Jones, and Lana Del Rey. Pino Pallidino is a prolific electric bassist and composer. His career spans almost 50 years as a professional musician. He has performed with artists such as The Who, Elton John, Eric Clapton and D’ Angelo. Blake Mills and Pino Palladino performed at the 2022 Newport Jazz Festival. 

Subject: Students will gain insight into what it means to be a “session musician.” Students will also gain insight on approaches to accompanying another artist’s music. Students will get an understanding of what being a music producer means. 

Age/ Skill Level Recommendation: Intended for intermediate and advanced level music students. Ages 16 and up. 

Topics Discussed: Session work, music producer, touring, communication. 

Recommended Use: We recommend this video be used to engage students on how to approach various aspects of the music industry, eg.} the differences of session work versus solo performance. Parallels to various aspects of the music industry can be explored as well, eg.} session work versus music producer. 

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