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Newport Festivals Foundation Announces New Mission and Vision Statements

August 10, 2023

Newport Festivals Foundation is proud to announce new mission and vision statements:


Newport Festivals Foundation’s mission is to create moments of hope through the power of music and community.


We envision a world where all communities experience the benefits of music. We strive to accomplish this through expanding the cultural significance of the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, preserving the legacy of our Founder, George Wein, and creating impactful music education and artist programs.

“When George turned the Folk and Jazz Festivals into a nonprofit in 2010, his mission was to really keep the festivals alive” said Jay Sweet. “Thanks to our incredible community of fans, artists, staff, and volunteers, we are fortunate enough to say we have completed that mission. So in the winter of 2022, we started asking ourselves a simple question: what is it that we really do? After many long meetings, we realized that we create moments of hope. Those moments of hope occur both on and off our stages. It could be an artist making their debut at the Newport Folk or Jazz Festivals, or it could be a student receiving their first instrument through our music education programs.”

To learn more about our work supporting music education and artist relief programs, click here


Your donation to Newport Festivals Foundation will help ensure the future of our festivals and support musicians and music education programs across the country.