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Feb 2, 2023

Newport Festivals Foundation makes grants to music education programs on behalf of artists on the Newport Folk and Jazz Festival Lineups.

For over sixty-six years, our events have defined the modern day festival paradigm. Yet we feel the need to be so much more to our music community. Are we empowering artists? Are we supporting the next generation of musicians? Are we inspiring our fans? In short, can we be doing more?

While we’ve laid the groundwork as a non-profit in recent years, it has become clear that the increasing burden to sustain music education in America is falling squarely on communities like ours.

Therefore, on top of all the local work we are doing in Rhode Island, we are making a commitment to partner with festival artists to donate to music education causes of their choosing.


Caamp has generously agreed to match our grant to support the Harmony Project, a music education program in the band’s hometown of Columbus, OH. Our $10,000 grant will be used to support the Harmony Project’s music education programs, including an initiative that provides free music classes for immigrants and refugees in the Columbus area.

The Beths

On The Beths behalf, Newport Festivals Foundation has made a grant to Die Jim Crow Records, the first non-profit record label in the U.S. dedicated to putting out the music of formerly and currently incarcerated musicians. These funds will be used to purchase instruments for the musicians studying in the music programming offered at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, the largest women’s prison in New York State.


Your donation to Newport Festivals Foundation will help ensure the future of our festivals and support musicians and music education programs across the country.